The worlds most luxurious Remy human hair, resilient & reusable extensions.
What is Remy Hair?
The term, “Remy,” refers to the characteristics of the hair and the method used to manufacture it. The outer cellular layer of Remy hair is left intact and sorted in the same direction. The hair is void of any silicone coating. This process prevents the hair from becoming matted or tangled. As a result, the hair is left feeling natural, soft and silky.
Our Premium Human Hair is infused with a Perma Moisture Treatment. This form of protein is injected directly inside the hair cortex. It prevents the hair from drying out. No chemical treatments are used during this process. With proper maintenance, PerfecTress Hair extensions grant clients the luxury of reusing the extensions for an entire year. Available in 5 textures, Silky Straight, Natural Body, Body

Wave, French Body wave & Deep Natural Curl

Best for clients who would like to achieve a drastic amount of length & volume with a seamless transition.
The future of high-end hair extensions is upon us! The Ultimate Link Weft is fully customizable. This innovative product provides three installment options. Not only are the options interchangeable, but reusable as well.  Ultimate wefts can be Sewn-in, Clipped-in, or Linked-in with micro beads. The wefts are 12 inches wide with an ultra-thin base that sits flush to the scalp, creating a smooth finish and making it virtually undetectable. Ultimate Link wefts are available in single or double density , 14" 18" & 22" in length and  in over 30 colors or multi color combinations can be customized.
Installation with Dry cut/blending  $125 1 weft, $175 2 wefts, $250 3 wefts
Lift $50 1 weft, $75 2 wefts, $125 3 wefts
Re-bead &  Re-Install $100 per weft
For active clients who are looking to achieve drastic volume & length with more movement and versatility.
Hailed as the natural evolution of tape-in extensions, Link Weft Minis are the result of a never-ending search for new and innovative hair extension methods.  This proven technique is increasing in popularity because it offers clients the feel of tapes without the adhesive. A most attractive alternative for the tape-in enthusiast. 
Each pack comes with 8 pieces of 1.5" wide wefts in lengths of 14", 18" & 22" single or double density.
​Installation with Dry cut/blending  $125/8, $175/16, $250/24
Lift $50/8, $75/16, $125/24
 Re-bead &  Re-Install $125/8, $175/16, $250/24
Best for clients with a daily shampooing regimen, who are very active, and are looking to achieve length, volume, highlights, or lowlights. Using the latest technology, a ring that’s covered from the inside out in 360 degrees of hair. This means hair on hair contact upon installation! They are designed to enhance the client’s natural hair with added volume, length, color and texture. Once secured in the natural hair, they will lay flat and remain unaffected by heat, sweat and hair products. The hair and the ring are built into one clever design. Each ring is made from aluminum alloy, a soft metal that permits flexibility during the application process. The ring may be opened and closed a total 4x’s without cracking. Transformation Connections can be lifted up to 3x’s after the initial installment.  With proper care and maintenance, Transformation Connections grant clients the luxury of reusing the extensions for an entire year. 25 pieces per pack in 14", 18" & 22" lengths and density sized in small, medium & large. 

14” Small $150 Medium $180 Large $200
18” Small $210 Medium $235 Large $250
22” Small $230 Medium $260 Large $310
​Installation with Dry cut/blending  $150 per pack
Any combination of extensions can be used to customize to your specific needs. Installation & lift pricing based on process & amount of hair. Lifts 4-10 weeks based on rate of hair growth & proper maintenance.
*We also offer other lines of micro bead extensions and hand sewn Wefts. Schedule a consult today to see what options work best for your desired outcome.
Email us or visit our scheduling site to set up a consultation and quote.  

How to Care for your Extensions

–   SULFATE-FREE Moisturizing shampoo and SODIUM CHLORIDE-FREE conditioner
–   Satin pillow case
-    Extension Brush
–   Protein
–   Keratin
–   Silicone
–   Sulfates
–   Oil based products.
Always use water dissolvable products. Oil based products will keep the hair in a wet condition and can cause matting. Oil based products attract a lot of dust and dirt which will make the hair less smooth and feel dry.
Shampoo two times per week with moisturizing shampoo & conditioner.  Deep conditioning 2-3x per month. ***IMPORTANT*** Do not use a protein-based mask. Adding too much protein to the extension hair will cause it to keratinize and breakage will occur. The purpose of the conditioning treatment is to add moisture back into the hair not protein. ie. No Olaplex
Never wash, brush or dry the hair upside down. Before washing, brush out all tangles with the PERFECTRESS® Flat Bristle Brush. Do not use a brush with only plastic or steel pins. Always start brushing or combing at the ends, working your way up to the roots.
–   Never go to bed with the hair wet.
–   Stay away from protein-based as well as silicone-based products on the extension hair.
–   Volumizing styling products may be used on the “free zone” only. You should never use volumizing shampoos or conditioners on the extension hair.
–   Always keep conditioners and products away from the attachment area to reduce slippage and product build up.
–   Wetness promotes matting. If you are someone that likes to wear the extensions natural & lets them air-dry, please keep this in mind as you may have to pay extra attention and brush more often.
–   Always use low to medium heat
–   If you can, allow the hair to air-dry for a little while before you perform the blow-dry process
–  Comb wet hair with wide tooth comb, working your way from ends up to the scalp. This helps remove tangles while putting the least amount of tension on the attachment area. 
**It is recommended that you use a professional iron with a temperature dial. It is best to keep under 400°F to keep the integrity and health of the hair. The ideal iron is one with titanium plating.
 You can use a 1″ or 1.5″ barrel curling iron or wand.
***DO NOT spray the hair with hairspray before curling! Hairspray has alcohol and can be damaging to the extensions when heat is added. If needed, you can spray after the hair is curled with a lightweight or flexible spray.***
–  You can also use curlers or steam curlers as well.
Braid the hair in a large loose braid at the nape of the neck before going to sleep. Do not sleep with wet hair, this will cause tangling and will make it difficult to style the next morning.

CURLY & DEEP TEXTURE are not recommended to be brushed while the hair is dry unless you are going to wash the hair. The reason for this is that when you brush deep curl(y) textures you separate the curls, and this results in a dry and frizzy look.
After you have washed the hair you can apply small amounts of leave-in conditioner, or your favorite styling product, comb through with your fingers into the direction you would like your hair to fall and scrunch it upwards once more. After you have done this leave the hair to dry completely without touching, combing or brushing it. This will give you the best natural result. Let it dry naturally or use your favorite styling equipment. Use leave-in conditioners only at the ends!!!!
Use your fingers to separate curls until you have reached the desired fullness. When you wake up in the morning and some curls are separated too much or flattened, just wet the hair with your hands and scrunch the curls back into shape. Again, let them dry completely before finishing the style.